The Wainwright
A Thicker, Standard-Length, Mohair, Hiking Sock
£16.25 (Approx $19.84)
The Constable
A Thick, Extra-Warm, Knee-Length, Mohair Sock
£17.49 (Approx $21.35)
The Holkham
Our No.1 Seller in Mohair! Perfect for Walking, Gardening or Everyday
£15.58 (Approx $19.02)
Bundle - The Spring/Summer MOHAIR
Save with our Bestselling Breathable, Mohair Styles Perfect for Warmer Months
£24.58 (Approx $30.01)
Bundle - The Walkers/Hikers Socks
1 x Holkham in Mohair & 1x Murray in Alpaca
£31.66 (Approx $38.65)