Why choose our socks?

At the Cambridge Sock Company, we’ve worked long and hard to source the best materials and methods to deliver a range of comfortable and practical Alpaca socks, Mohair Socks and Cashmere socks that go the distance. 

  • 100% British-made Natural Socks
  • Use only the finest natural fleeces from Alpacas and Angora Goats
  • Offer something for everyone, from everyday wear to walking and country pursuits such as equestrian.
  • Extensive range of styles and a vibrant and varied colour palette
  • Lightweight and luxurious
  • Hard wearing, comfortable yet strong
  • Climate controlled warm in winter, cool in summer
  • Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic making them ideal for those who would not normally wear wool.
Image of shoe & sock

Alpaca clothes were a status symbol

In ancient times, Alpaca fibre was known as ‘the fibre of the Gods’.  Most traditionally used for Royal clothing, Inca nobles demonstrated their wealth by the number of alpacas they owned and by showing off garments woven from soft alpaca fleeces.