Sock Care

Love your feet

Having invested in Mohair or Alpaca socks, you’ll want to be sure you get maximum benefit from your purchase. Alpaca and Mohair socks wash beautifully, with no shrinkage, but some basic rules are best observed to ensure their long life.

  • Hand wash or if machine-washing (Alpaca and Mohair only) your socks use a wool or cool setting (30C)
  • Cashmere is very delicate please Hand wash only!
  • Choose a gentle cycle it is the agitation that causes damage to the fibres.
  • Avoid bleach it is not necessary and can affect the strength of colours over time.
  • Simply lay them out flat to dry
  • Pair up but do not turn inside out and roll together as this stretches the fibres.
  • Place flat in a sock drawer ready for their next outing.
Hide and sock

Hide and sock

Research has shown the average person loses more than 15 socks each year.  With the average person living to 81 years of age, that adds up to 1,264 socks lost during a lifetime!