Mohair Socks

A treat for your feet!
Mohair makes great socks! This natural, luxurious and strong fibre ensures your feet are receiving a treat. They will remain dry, odour-free and comfortable, as well as look good, in any one of our styles and vibrant colours.
The Sidney
Mohair, Loose-Top, Elastic-free, Lightweight, Everyday Sock
£13.33 (Approx $16.90)
The Darwin
Mohair, Standard Length, Plain-Knit, Comfortable, Lightweight Everyday Sock
£13.00 (Approx $16.49)
The Rambler
Mohair, Calf-Length, 82% Mohair, Super Comfortable Walking Sock
£18.33 (Approx $23.24)
The Holkham
Our No.1 Seller in Mohair! Perfect for Walking, Gardening or Everyday
£18.33 (Approx $23.24)
The Trinity Lite
A Thinner Version of Our Popular Mohair Sports/Trainer Sock
£4.99 (Approx $6.33)
The Christi
Mohair Boot Sock, Thinner, Fashionable, Knee-High Dress & Boot Sock
£12.25 (Approx $15.54)
The Wainwright
A Thicker, Standard-Length, Mohair, Hiking Sock
£19.54 (Approx $24.79)
Bundle - Our Bestselling MOHAIR Sock Bundle
Save with our Wonderful, Breathable, Mohair Sock Styles in Thicker & Thinner Styles
£24.58 (Approx $31.18)
The Clementine
Super Warm, Knee-Length, Ribbed, Mohair Sock
£14.16 (Approx $17.96)
The Duke
A Longer Version of our Popular Holkham, the Ultimate Mohair Welly Sock
£16.42 (Approx $20.82)
The Constable
A Thick, Extra-Warm, Knee-Length, Mohair Ski Sock
£18.33 (Approx $23.24)
The Sandringham
Our Longest, Mohair, Country Sock Ribbed with a Turn-Over Top and Cushioned Sole
£27.49 (Approx $34.87)
Why Mohair?

Why Mohair?

  • Mohair socks are hard wearing, smooth and strong.
  • They provide climate control for your feet. Mohair socks ensure your feet are cool in the summer and warm in the winter.
  • Control odour and are anti-bacterial. The natural fibres donít allow bacteria to accumulate so stops the build-up of odours Ė allowing socks to be worn for several days.
  • Machine washable at 30 degrees or handwash and are quick to dry.
  • Hypoallergenic so can be worn by those who cannot tolerate wool.