All your favourite Alpaca Socks, Mohair Socks & Cashmere socks bundled up together so that you SAVE.  Gift one and pair and keep a pair for yourself - or gift them both to yourself!

Bundle - The Clare Alpaca Bed Sock BUNDLE
Choose Any 2 of Our Sumptuously Cosy Alpaca Bed Socks Save 4.99
£32.49 (Approx $41.07)
Bundle - Our Bestselling MOHAIR Sock Bundle
Save with our Wonderful, Breathable, Mohair Sock Styles in Thicker & Thinner Styles
£24.58 (Approx $31.07)
Bundle - The Alpaca/Mohair Soft-Top Sock Bundle
Non-Elasticised Top Socks Perfect for Poor Circulation, Diabetic Socks, Wide Ankle Socks
£24.16 (Approx $30.53)
Bundle - The Luxury Bed Sock Lovers Bundle
1 x 100% Pure Premium Cashmere Bed Sock & 1 x 90% Alpaca Bed Sock
£57.49 (Approx $72.66)
Bundle - The Walking Sock Bundle
1 x Mohair Walking Sock & 1 x Alpaca Walking Sock
£31.66 (Approx $40.01)
X-Small Holkham
Kids/XS (UK 12.5-3.5) Walking Sock in Mohair SAVE 50%
£5.71 (Approx $7.21)
WAS: £10.99