Alpaca Socks

Walking on air!

Sumptuously soft. Elegantly styled. The epitome of luxury from fleece to foot: our Alpaca socks make your feet feel positively pampered while providing all the practicality you expect.

Manufactured in the UK from the finest Alpaca fleece, our Alpaca sock ranges are made from lanolin-free fibres. These make them hypoallergenic – ideal for those who are traditionally unable to wear wool-based socks. 

The Clare
Sumptuously Cosy, 90% Alpaca, House Socks
£19.16 (Approx $24.03)
The Murray
Our Best-selling Alpaca, Calf-Length, Walking Sock
£19.13 (Approx $23.99)
The Girton Luxe
Our Luxurious Lightweight, Durable, Alpaca, Striped Everyday Sock
£15.67 (Approx $19.65)
The Lucy
80% Alpaca, Wonderfully Thick, Cushioned, Walking or House Sock. Perfect for Freezing Feet.
£18.33 (Approx $22.99)
The Cavendish
Our Most Luxurious and Stylish Fold-over-Top, Alpaca, Boot Sock
£19.99 (Approx $25.08)
The Fitz
Loose-Top Alpaca, Calf-Length, Lightweight Sock
£12.83 (Approx $16.10)
The Newnham
The Ultimate Below-the-Knee, Alpaca, Walking Sock
£17.49 (Approx $21.94)
The Girton
Our Lightweight, Durable, Everyday Alpaca Sock
£13.21 (Approx $16.57)
Bundle - The Clare Alpaca Bed Sock BUNDLE
Choose Any 2 of Our Sumptuously Cosy Alpaca Bed Socks Save £4.99
£35.83 (Approx $44.94)
The Clare Alpaca Bed Sock Luxury Gift Box
Beautifully Boxed 90% Alpaca Bed Socks, Mini Selection by Hotel Chocolat & The Great British Bee Co. Soap
£30.83 (Approx $38.67)
The Girton Luxe Alpaca Sock Luxury Gift Box
Beautifully Boxed Girton Luxe 82% Alpaca Striped Socks, Mini Selection by Hotel Chocolat & The Great British Bee Co. Soap
£29.16 (Approx $36.58)
The Murray Alpaca Walking Sock Luxury Gift Box
Beautifully Boxed 75% Alpaca Walking Socks, Mini Selection by Hotel Chocolat & The Great British Bee Co. Soap
£29.99 (Approx $37.62)
Small Feet Alpaca
UK Size 12.5-3.5
£10.99 (Approx $13.79)
Alpaca clothes were a status symbol

Alpaca clothes were a status symbol

The name sock is a derivation from the ancient Greek ‘sykkos’, which referred to a thin shoe worn with sandals. So remember that when you next laugh at someone wearing socks with open toed shoes or flip flops!

Why Alpaca Socks?

Why Alpaca Socks?

  • Cushion and pamper your feet with fibres that are naturally silky and luxurious to the touch.
  • Are long lasting. Rated by the world as one of the most pliable of fibres, the Alpaca fleece combines strength and lustre which makes our socks durable without sacrificing comfort.
  • Keep your feet dry. The Alpaca fleece wicks away moisture and redistributes it around the sock so that your feet always feel dry.
  • Provide climate control for your feet. Alpaca socks ensure your feet are cool in the summer, yet warm in the winter.
  • Are flame and crease resistant. So, it is perfectly safe to dangle your feet near a warming flame without the risk of your socks catching fire – and there’s no need to iron them once they are washed!
  • Hand washing recommended
Cool in the summer, cosy in the winter.

Alpaca wool is made up of hollow fibres that hold pockets of air, meaning Alpaca socks are incredibly insulating when compared to wool socks. However, this same feature also allows for breathability, meaning your feet will stay cool in the summer and cosy in the winter.

The smooth fibres also result in a low prickle factor, making our Alpaca socks luxuriously soft. But don’t be fooled, Alpaca wool is extremely strong and durable, and when properly cared for will easily outlive other wools and cotton.

Hygenic, tolerant wool.

Another amazing attribute of Alpaca wool is its natural ability to repel bacteria, which results in minimised odours and excellent foot hygiene. Our Alpaca socks can be worn for a whole week before needing to be washed!

Our Alpaca socks can also be worn by those who normally can’t tolerate wool against their skin, due to this wool being hypoallergenic.

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