Why Mohair Socks are best for hiking

Why Mohair Socks are best for hiking

At the Cambridge Sock Company, we combine natural fibres with the best in British craftsmanship to craft luxury and comfortable socks using Alpaca and Mohair fibres.

As one of the more versatile natural fibres, Mohair is similar to wool in appearance, but without the itchy feel. With anti-bacterial properties, Mohair socks will keep your feet dry, comfortable and odour-free, making them the ideal material for walking and hiking socks.


How to choose your hiking socks

When thinking about your next hiking socks purchase, we’ve pulled together a list of must-have features:


However comfortable your hiking boots are, a sock that provides cushioning is essential to a successful hike, particularly for long trips or difficult terrain. Make sure that your socks provide the right level of comfort to prevent blisters, abrasion and over-heating.

Temperature control

One of the most important features of walking socks is to make sure they provide temperature control. Whether you’re hiking in the UK or climbing Mount Esja in Iceland, your choice of hiking sock should provide warmth when you need it, and cool your feet down in warmer temperatures, helping your feet to breathe.

Height & fit

It’s very important to consider the fit of your socks. This is key, as choosing a sock that is too low will cause tension and abrasions between your boots and your skin. Make sure to choose socks that are taller than your footwear, to prevent unnecessary rubbing or contact. Sometimes we confuse shoe size with sock size, so be sure to measure your feet and pick a pair of socks that fit comfortably, without slippage or pressure, where the heel of the sock fits comfortably on your foot.


For most avid hikers, wool is often the go-to fabric for socks. However, for many people, wool can cause issues such as skin irritation and itching, which isn’t favourable when taking part in outdoor activities or long-haul walks. Wool socks also usually use a blend of wool and synthetic materials such as Polyester or Nylon in order to create warmth and durability.

Choosing a natural fibre for your socks is crucial for the best combination of warmth, comfort, cushioning, durability and fit.


Mohair Socks - the best socks for hiking

With the above in mind, the obvious choice for hiking socks should be Mohair. Our mohair hiking socks are manufactured and hand finished in England. Our Mohair comes from Angora goats kept to high animal welfare standards in the UK, and are a highly environmentally-friendly and sustainable resource of natural fibres.

Mohair socks are recognised the world over for their cushioning, comfort and hardwearing nature, making them the perfect material for outdoor activity socks. Our Mohair socks provide climate control and cushioning, making them the perfect companion for your hiking boots, and even have anti-bacterial properties, meaning they can be worn (odour-free!) for several days at a time.

Finally, Mohair socks are hypoallergenic and come without the itchy feel that wool socks so often have - making them more accessible to those who can’t tolerate wool.

At the Cambridge Sock Company, we have a wide variety of Mohair Socks available for men, ladies and children - perfect for long walks with the family. Treat your feet to some Mohair hiking socks today!


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