Five MORE reasons socks make perfect Christmas presents.

Five MORE reasons socks make perfect Christmas presents.

These five reasons mean you will find socks are a perfect Christmas present.

And why socks from the Cambridge Sock Company make the perfect Christmas present for you and your family this year.

You’ve heard it before ‘you’re getting socks for Christmas!’

Uttered with a mixture of mock contempt and humour this has been the go-to expression of many frustrated festive season shoppers.

From naughty kids to husbands-too-difficult-to-buy-for socks have been viewed as at best, the safe option. And at worst – socks may be viewed as a naff gift!

Yet like many M&S adverts which make us all drool over goods - these aren’t just any socks.

These are natural Alpaca, Mohair and Cashmere socks all made in the UK!

And they are both lightweight and luxurious.

Moreover, they are available in an array of colours :) 


These socks will be more than a mere stocking filler this year.

Here are the five reasons socks make perfect Christmas presents.

1.    Firstly, they’re not a rubbish ‘filler’ gift.

Practical, fashionable, warm.

These socks are built to last and feel as soft and luxurious as they look on the website. This is no mere ‘stocking filler’ gift. This is something everyone needs.

Something which looks awful worn out too.

Socks are those go-to clothes of comfort in cold winters, chilly autumns and downright miserable days.

2.    Secondly, they are an Eco-Friendly gift.

Unlike fast fashion, these are hand-made and built to last. They come from a natural source and aren’t made to be placed in the bin in a year’s time.

3.    They are a health product too!

After 2020 and the world shutting down due to a global pandemic, people acknowledge it is more important to be healthy than ever before. These socks are both anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic – making them ideal for those who would not normally wear wool.

They are one of many ways to promote foot hygiene whilst still sporting various colours.

4.    Everyone needs quality socks in their life.

Ever heard the proverb ‘it’s the little things that matter the most’. It’s true. Get the clothing on the feet right and the rest follows...

Sending the recipient natural, high quality, durable socks also sends a distinct message: you believe in detail and the little things pave the way for the big things to be solved.

5.    Finally, Socks are fun!

It doesn’t matter what the season, time of day or occasion because we all look good in socks and socks always fit. No matter what’s been eaten or where one has been - socks matter.

This only leaves one question...

What colour are you getting this year?


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