Caring for your Alpaca & Mohair Socks

Caring for your Alpaca & Mohair Socks

At the Cambridge Sock Company, we are very proud that our socks work for you - providing hours of comfort and durability –but all adventures eventually come to an end and the hiking boots are put away.  Now it’s time to give your socks some well-deserved attention.

You have purchased high quality, luxury socks that are made to last but must remember that Alpaca and Mohair socks are made from natural fibres, so require a little thought and care to ensure they stay in fantastic condition.

Manufactured in the UK from the finest Alpaca fleece, our Alpaca sock ranges are made from lanolin-free fibres. This make them hypoallergenic – ideal for those who are traditionally unable to wear wool-based socks.

A favourite of the world’s fashion industry, Mohair’s natural fibres come from Angora goats – not rabbits as is often assumed – making mohair an environmentally friendly, sustainable resource. Recognised for its cushioning comfort and longevity, Mohair is the natural choice for an active and outdoor life.

Socks probably get washed more than any other item of clothing – let’s not limit their lifespan!

Follow these few simple rules which will leave them fresh and undamaged:                                     

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Washing Instructions:

  • Handwash at cool temp / wool wash at 30 degrees C
  • Use a mild non-biological wool detergent
  • Never use fabric softener -it ruins the natural fibres
  • Wash dark colours separately
  • Turn inside out and place in a mesh washing bag
  • Dry naturally – hang dry or dry flat but not on direct heat.

General After Care:  

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  • Store flat in pairs – you wouldn’t welcome being rolled and twisted and turned inside out, before being thrown into a drawer -nor do our socks!
  • Tend to your toes -sharp unloved toenails are the natural enemy of your sock – the majority of the holes in socks are caused by snagging on unloved toenails.


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