Caring for our Alpacas

Caring for our Alpacas

Here at the Cambridge Sock Company, the welfare of our alpacas is at the heart of our manufacturing process. We firmly believe that animal production is an important part of agriculture and, as an extension, all of our lives, which is why we’re committed to protecting it at all costs. Our alpaca socks are comfortable, ethical and, most importantly, created using cruelty-free and sustainable processes.


Caring for Alpacas at the Cambridge Sock Company

Alpacas are rare and exotic animals, and their fleece comes in 22 natural shades from white and beige, through the colour spectrum to true black and dark rose grey. Hardly and healthy, they are known as docile and endearing animals. Our alpacas spend their lives free in their natural habitats in Peru, and as herd animals by nature, they prefer to rest, graze and move in groups, rather than being kept alone.

To gather their wool, the alpacas are gently sheared annually - the shearing process takes as little as 7 minutes! Regular shearing is crucial, as alpacas don’t shed their fleece naturally. In the summer months, their thick and thermal fibres can cause them to suffer from overheating and heat stroke, reducing their chances of survival, so regular shearing in the spring of each year is essential to their health.

The wool of the alpacas regrows annually, and their fibres are even suitable to be worn by vegans, due to the ethical and cruelty-free nature of the husbandry and shearing processes.


Conforming to the most demanding standards of Animal Welfare

Our alpaca socks are made in the UK, and our alpaca owners adhere to very high standards of animal welfare. From fleece to foot, we’ve made a commitment to source the finest natural fleeces to make lightweight, comfortable and hardwearing thermal alpaca socks perfect for hiking, walking, casual wear and equestrian activities. Anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, our socks are suitable for everyone - even those who wouldn’t normally wear wool.

Our cruelty-free shearing process means that we can ethically and sustainably source our fleece, safe in the knowledge that the animals are well taken care of and will live long and fulfilling lives. Once the short shearing is complete, the alpacas are returned to the wild, and the production process begins.

First of all, the raw fleece is classified into colours, then washed and spun into yarn before being dyed and knitted. The socks are then sewn by hand, leaving a seamless and flat joint that can’t be felt by the wearer. Next, we wash and dry the socks to remove any residue from yarns, without the use of bleach or detergents. They’re then shaped into the perfect shape and size, and finally, steam pressed into their final form.

Our process means that no animals are harmed in the making of our alpaca socks, and that the wool is kept as close to its natural form as possible throughout the process.


Here at the Cambridge Sock Company, we have a wide range of alpaca socks for men, women and children alike. With a naturally luxurious feel and climate control properties, our socks are perfect for keeping your feet dry on-the-go.


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