9 Reasons why Socks are the Ultimate Gift

9 Reasons why Socks are the Ultimate Gift

It’s a cliché for a reason; socks are the ultimate gift for friends and family members, for close companions and mere acquaintances, even for the person who has everything. It’s a fact we’re passionate about at The Cambridge Sock Company, so we’ve gathered our team of sock enthusiasts to compile a list of reasons why our socks are the perfect present for every occasion.

Colours galore!

We pride ourselves on our wide range of shades, from eye-catching Brigade Red to cheery Mustard, we’ve got the whole spectrum covered. For the more flamboyantly inclined, Old Gold or Clematis are sure to grab attention, whilst more modest dressers might prefer tonal Charcoal or classic Seaweed. With more than 30 colours to choose from, there’s a shade for everyone.

Inspire an adventure

Our socks practically beg to be hiked in, so if you’ve got a relative who’s always dreamt of tackling Ben Nevis or exploring the Lake District, why not give them a little extra encouragement? The Holkham or the Wainwright will give them a little inspiration and prove invaluable on their expedition.

The gift that keeps giving

By purchasing your loved one a pair of our socks, you double up the gift-giving because we donate a portion of our annual sales to Brooke, a UK-based international equine charity.


Our socks are not just for Christmas - thanks to our use of high-quality natural fibres, a pair of The Cambridge Sock Company socks are sure to endure hike after hike. With simple washing instructions and durable designs, your recipient will be enjoying our socks for years to come.

A lightweight luxury

As more and more of us rely on posting presents rather than giving them in person, in the current circumstances socks make the perfect thoughtful but lightweight gift. Post-pandemic, they’re also perfect for your travel-enthusiast friends, chuck them in a suitcase and they take up hardly any room, but provide instant comfort wherever you are. Sumptuously soft and elegantly cut, socks don’t get much more luxurious than ours.

Natural Goodness

Our socks use angora goat, the softest most indulgent cashmere and alpaca fleeces to naturally trap heat and keep out moisture. In fact they’re made from up to 100% natural fibres!

Support British Business

Our company is, as the name suggests, based in the Cambridgeshire countryside and our names and designs are inspired by our favourite UK locations. Not only that, but our Alpaca, Mohair and Cashmere socks are all made in the UK by expert craftspeople using a blend of modern and traditional techniques. In today’s world buying local is a matter of environmental importance, significantly reducing the carbon footprint of purchases by limiting air miles, so why not make an eco-conscious decision with your gift?

There’s no such thing as too many socks

Well at least that’s our motto. Everyone knows socks have a habit of disappearing so even the most well-stocked wardrobe could always do with a new pair. And what’s more the lucky recipient will be reminded of you every time they get dressed in the morning.

A Sock for Everybody

That’s certainly true at The Cambridge Sock Company there is. The Murray in Alpaca for country ramblers, The Trinity in Mohair for keen athletes, or The Cam in pure Cashmere for comfort-cravers, we’ve got everyone covered. Show your loved ones how well you know them, with a thoughtfully selected pair perfect for their needs.


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