Spring/Summer Range 2021

The perfect lightweight option for warmer months in Alpaca and Mohair

The Christi
A Thinner, Knee-Length, Mohair, Boot Sock
£13.08 (Approx $18.22)
The Darwin
Mohair, Standard Length, Plain-Knit, Comfortable, Everyday Sock
£10.42 (Approx $14.51)
The Girton
Our Lightweight, Durable, Alpaca, Everyday Sock
£11.54 (Approx $16.08)
The Sidney
Mohair, Loose-Top, Elastic-free, Lightweight, Everyday Sock
£10.42 (Approx $14.51)
The Trinity
Our Popular Mohair, Sports, Trainer Sock
£8.33 (Approx $11.61)